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Delft Mechatronics and Microsystems

Intelligent products with more functions. Extremely fast and precise production machinery. Medical technology for operating in small spaces. Automatic smart systems. Integrated, smaller, faster, better and more accurate … These ideas call for new concepts and techniques for the integration of mechatronic systems with microsystems, as well as their production. Key words in this respect are miniaturisation and extreme performance demands. The Delft Centre for Mechatronics and Microsystems brings together research groups from different faculties and disciplines in a unique collaborative research program.

TU Delft


Mechatronics and Optics division: The Mechatronics and Optics Division provides technical expertise and engineering support in the areas of automation and robotics, space mechanisms, life and physical sciences instrumentation, optics and opto-electronics.



Eumecha-pro promotes the mechatronics design paradigm in industry. Best practices of mechatronic design are identified and spread through industry-oriented workshops.



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